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Dictated but not Read

Dictated but not Read

I saw your picture, your portrait, I saw you portable, couldn’t believe that you remind me of so many lovely wonders. Milkshakes from when I was the child, a cloud animal, and then I said to myself is that a woman on the beach or what? Couldn’t believe all the things that I saw when I saw your face, your hair spread out against the towel over the sand - all of the stuff - this is when I wrote you - because of all of the things, because of the feelings that you feel when you find a picture in a frame that is so beautiful as yours. There’s many things we walk on by in life like the hydrant on the curbside, do you think it’s average? Of course you don’t notice it! Then you think maybe it’s not, maybe you should! Maybe something different about it, maybe something even saying from inside of it, take a different look, I’m not like the other ones.

Anyways, I don’t know if I love you but maybe we could be, maybe we should be, maybe-because we can, because all the time you think these things and then just once is all it takes for you to do them. Maybe it is the time we take a step, I take a step.

I saw a dead fish on the beach from the after party of a boat, in the wake of the thing, the fish came and washed the way so many fishes do, up on the shore. I thought about where the dead fishes go, I thought about all the beautiful things you could see when you walk on the beach with the rocks under your feet. Then I thought about all the ways, all the ways that you think, of all the weights in the weight of the water. How there is a pull from the water, like you’re weighted, like if you wait in the wake, the way you feel when you wake, sometimes, sometimes waking too heavy for this life, life is too heavy. I love to think we could be together. That’s why I wrote to you, thinking of all the maybes we could be.

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